Ramez Ayoub

Your member of parliament for

Thérèse-De Blainville

Ramez Ayoub

Your member of parliament for

Thérèse-De Blainville


Making Life More Affordable for Canadians

It’s almost time to file your taxes and there are important tax breaks and incentives you should know about. Our Liberal government is working hard to make life more affordable for families and individuals across the country. Here are some of the actions we are taking to improve your quality of life: the Middle Class Tax Cut, Canada Child Benefit, Canada Workers Benefit, and more. As your Member of Parliament, I’m focused on making life more affordable for you and bringing real, positive change right here in our community.

Investing in your family

Thanks to the Canada Child Benefit, 9 780 families in Thérèse-De Blainville have more disposable money each month. The CCB is also tax free.

The CCB  is making a real difference for families across Canada

All children deserve the best possible start in life, and a fair shot at success.

Our government is giving parents more money each month through the CCB  to make sure their kids can have things like healthy food, swimming lessons and winter boots.

We know that many Canadians are working hard to make ends meet, and our government will continue to support families where and when they need it most.


Did you know?

Teachers and educators can claim a tax credit of up to $150 to help pay for school supplies purchased out of their pocket.


Seniors are getting more financial support, sooner

Seniors can now receive up to $1,700 more per year.

We’ve increased the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) top-up for seniors, improving the financial security of close to 900,000 low-income seniors and lifting about 57,000 seniors out of poverty.

We have strengthened the Canada Pension Plan and restored the eligibility age for elderly benefits to age 65 after Stephen Harper raised it and made life more difficult for our most vulnerable seniors.

We’re improving the all-around quality of life for seniors by investing in affordable housing, home care, accessibility, digital literacy, and the new Social Finance Fund.


The average single Canadian is now saving $330 a year thanks to the Middle Class Tax Cut

We cut taxes for 9 million middle class Canadians, by raising them on the wealthiest 1%.


Cutting Small Business Taxes

Canada now has the lowest small business tax rate of all G7 countries!

Small businesses are critical to the Canadian economy, and to growing the middle class. Over 98% of all businesses in Canada are small businesses, of those, 1 705 in Thérèse-De Blainville. These small buisinesses employ 8 million hard working Canadians.

Our government has been working hard to make it easier to do business here in Canada by cutting red tape, supporting innovation, and making it easier to export to new markets.